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    Prompts that will help you get leads, attract your ideal client, and make sales from your social media content.


    Easy to use Canva templates for Social Media that increase engagement and turn you into an expert in your niche.


    Get our highly researched hashtags for growth and visibility - over 50 niches so far!


    You'll receive new templates, caption ideas, hashtags, prompts and trainings every single month.



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You understand that social media is important for your business to grow...

BUT - you don't have time


Trying to keep up has left you... 

Feeling Burnt Out

Coming up with, not just new things to post, but the RIGHT things to post everyday is exhausting and leaves you burnt out.  

Dropping Engagement

You've only got so much time in the day so you throw up another motivational quote or selfie but you can't help but notice your engagement dropping. 


Seeing Zero Sales

You're tired. No one seems to be listening and your small business is more like a personal charity as a result. This has GOT to STOP.


What if there was a way to...


Spend less time on social

and see MORE results?!

  • Being Consistent Just Got Easy

    Showing up is easy when you know exactly what to post and why you're posting it.

  • Better Content In Less Time

    Simply open your app, find one of our viral post prompts (or templates), take two minutes filling in the blanks and hit "share"

  • Content Created to Engage

    No more guessing or cold messaging! Your customers will be commenting and interacting with your content like never before! You'll know who's ready to buy!

Where Would Your Life

& Business Be - IF... 

You had the TIME and energy to focus on the areas of your business that move your revenue needle forward.  You are in business to make money, right? And to help people?

  • Finally Develop Your Signature Offer

    With your social media content on auto-pilot you can finally map out your signature program and start selling!

  • Upgrade Your Website and Your Graphics

    You're engagement's been so low that you haven't bothered to upgrade your website. But with your engagement soaring - it's time to shift focus and finally create that beautiful site you deserve. 

  • Bring Your Dreams To Life

    You didn't start a business to be on social media all the time. With social content out of the way, you'll be free to paint your big vision and execute it. 

Social Growth Isn't Magic,

It's Strategy...

Get the step-by-step strategy (and the content) that attracts your ideal client, builds a relationship with them AND - makes them EXCITED to buy your products.

  • Step One: Find and Attract

    Get crystal clear on who your ideal client is hanging out with, what they're spending their time on and where to place your content to grab their attention.

  • Step Two: Engage and Relate

    People use social media for connection. Your content will you connect with the people you're meant to help on a whole new level. 

  • Step Three: Sell and Support¬†

    Now that you've found your people, built a connection and supported them - you can sell (and help) them with ease. 

Finally, the done-for-you strategy you need to attract paying customers!


...not meaningless followers.

Social Media Experts In Your Pocket

Hiring a social media strategist to manage your content can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 per month. The Social Growth Vault puts a strategist in your pocket for less.


The Social Growth Vault gives you access to:

1000+ Hashtags That Boost Reach

You don't have time to look for new hashtags every day - but we do! Steal ours and see what happens!

Story Graphics That Go Viral

Photos of your face don't get shared - but we know what does and we're giving them to you!

Engaging Instagram Story Ideas

No idea what to say to make an impact on stories or video? With over 100 prompts based on your business phase you'll never run out of things to say... 

Post Graphics That Get Shared

If you want your account to grow you have to create content that is highly shareable! Our social media templates are designed for your audience to share!

Scroll Stoping Captions 

No more eyes just scrolling by. Create captions that stop your ideal client in their tracks. 

Easy To Follow Reel Ideas

Making video content doesn't have to be hard with your 50 done for you ideas. Your  ideal client will be begging for more!


 Fresh Content for Your Social Channels Added Every Month

This isn't a one and done thing. Every single month you get new relevant content based on the latest trends in Marketing, updates to social platforms and more... 

++ New Tech & Strategy

 Training Every Wednesday

Your tutorials are designed to make the tech side of business EASY.

Get the tech done fast so you can master the strategies required to scale. 


Trainings already available in the Vault:

Is the Social Growth Vault Right For Me?


  • You want millions or thousands of followers but an empty bank account.‚Ä謆
  • You¬†like wasting time every single day on the social media hamster wheel.¬†‚Äč
  • You want to stay stuck in inaction and wondering why people aren‚Äôt buying .
  • You¬†don‚Äôt want to sell something to your audience.¬†



  • You want to spend less time on social media, so you can focus on growing your¬†business.¬†
  • You want to sell a product and build a profitable business.¬†
  • You don‚Äôt care about having 100,000,000 followers but want to attract the people who need your support and are excited to invest in you.

The choice is yours.


You can continue struggling to grow your business... 


OR - You can easily create content that attracts Clients, Customers and Revenue.





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What Members Say

Tania Moraez-Vas

Copy Writer & Editor

Mary S.


After using the Social Growth Vault for just two weeks, my instagram account had a 40% increase in engagement, 221% in accounts reached and 2.8% increase in followers! 

Joy Shulz

Online Coach

I‚Äôve not been giving my IG as much love as FB lately but decided to change that this week right before I found the vault hehe.This is so exciting! Already seeing the prompts work ūüôā You ladies are the best! Ty so for putting all this together!


Business Strategist

We used one of the posts and got featured in Frank Kern's Instagram story! We gained 10 new followers and our story views doubled!

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